Hi there !
Already into bodybuilding, but looking for some new workout plans ?
i’m sharing with you my favorite, personal workout plans. i used to workout 6 days/week, then 4 days/week with a coach… but at some point i decided to train on my own. I followed a better distributed split program, with more-or-less intensity, and a emphasis on compound movements such as squat, deadlift, bench press, rowing…

Why ? Because these movements require using more muscles to get them done. They are great to build up muscle mass, to improve coordination, to get stronger overall. They should definitely be a part of any weight-based workout program but they require some extra attention as they can turn out dangerous if not performed correctly.

Please, learn how to correctly execute those movements either with a PT, a coach, or through online tutorials such as videos by Alan Thrall orĀ Omar Isuf.

Now that you know how to correctly/safely perform compound movements, here’s some general training advice :

Make sure to get at least one rest day/week !
  • Feel free to add in cardio sessions, either in separate sessions or after your workouts.It depends on your goals. Adding cardio on top of your lifting plan will lead to greater caloric expenditure, and if you’re not increasing your caloric intake, it should then lead to fat/weight loss
  • Cardiovascular exercice is still very important for optimal health ! Don’t neglect it either way, no matter what your goals are.
  • Don’t forget to WARM UP (before) & STRETCH (lightly post-workout & more a few hours after)
  • Remember to properly hydrate yourself all throughout your workout session, as well as before/after.
  • Technique > Intensity > Weight

Back & Traps

Chest & Triceps





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