Why freedom, resilience and strength are some of my favorite virtues.


Our main, primitive right.

As living beings, we are granted freedom as soon as we are born. Or rather, independence. We’re one with others and the universe due to our chemical composition : as everything else on earth, we (are) matter. Yet, we are our own. All unique, results of thousands of years of evolution. A random invention out of pre-existing components. These uniqueness and independence give us a real gift : freedom. To be yourself, unapologetic. Genuine, true to your own essence. Freedom to think, act, live, feel in your own way. Freedom to chose.

Each choice we make has an impact on ourselves and the world at the same time. Our reality is the byproduct of every single choice we make at any given moment. We truly have the power to change our reality : first by changing our mindset – then by acting accordingly. If you want positiveness in your life, think and act positively. You are free to create your reality. It’s mostly up to you. When there’s a situation you can’t change directly – accept it, and instead, focus on changing your mindset.

While human (and animal alike) rights are being violated daily all over the globe, in our inner self we can’t get rid of this oh-so-important virtue. As long as you’re living, you’re free. Even when it doesn’t feel like it – try to keep it in mind. And never let anyone else convince you otherwise !


We saw earlier that our “ reality ” is being shaped by choices. Some are our own, others are external. Therefore, despite the way you behave, you’ll still have to go through situations that may be or seem negative. Life is full of obstacles…this is no secret. But when you face one, you’ve got two options : letting it define and destroy you… or letting it teach you a lesson and help you grow stronger. This ability is being called, in many different areas, resilience. It’s the capacity of a person/system/organism to go back to its initial form (its essence) after an alteration. It’s deeply linked to freedom, as this is a capacity we, as human beings, can chose to practice. However, opposed to freedom, I personally don’t believe it’s inherent. I believe it’s more like something you can learn/practice. I’m no professional psychologist though, so this is only my personal view on the subject.

If you chose to use it, it can literally save your life – this is what differs between victims and survivors. Using resilience is crucial to keeping your soul, your being, true to itself all throughout your life. You’re not dwelling in the past, you’re not presenting yourself as a victim either – even though you might be. Instead, you chose to examine the situation, to learn a lesson from it, and to grow from it. Usually when you meet someone you consider strong, if you have a look at their past, you’ll see that they had to go through really difficult situations.

Resilience is about knowing yourself and honoring that essence. Being flexible yet remaining somewhat the same. Change is inevitable and should be celebrated – it’s an amazing opportunity we’re being granted with our freedom. You’re free to create your reality, therefore, you’re also free to create yourself to live accordingly to that image of reality that you want for yourself.

By no means, resilience is easy. It’s not a magic tool that resolves all your troubles by snapping fingers. It’s a mix of hard work, flexibility, analysis, humility… you have to be willing to get stronger, to always aim for better self-understanding and self-growth.

It gets easier though. Especially when you realize that you’re not alone in your situation – maybe it’s someone you’ll never get to meet and share with about this topic – but I can assure you that somebody elsewhere on this planet is experiencing the exact same thing. Feelings are universal, not only for humankind but for all living beings. Love, fear, doubt, grief, joy, pleasure, anger… We all, on different levels, experience those feelings and many more. Whatever situation, obstacle, struggle you’re going through : know that you’re not alone, that it will get better and that you are not this unfortunate event. You are more than the sum of the events that shaped your life.

To conclude on this topic, I’ll say that once again, it’s an option. You don’t have to be resilient. It’s up to you. But if you are willing to grow and to have a better understanding of yourself then put in work, reflect when a difficulty faces you, and don’t take those events too personally. Once again, remember that we’re in fact one while being billions. Take a step back from the negativity, then find your inner strength by understanding that you’re in power and never, ever alone. Now move on.


First I’d like to clarify that it isn’t on a competitive/depreciating level that strength has value. This quest of power over others is negative, dangerous and egotistical. It’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about strength on a personal and collective level. To face obstacles, difficulties, illnesses, world’s issues.

Honestly, this planet needs strong inhabitants more than ever. We’ve been accelerating its natural process, creating even more misery on a day-to-day basis. As 21th century citizens, we have to be aware of many complex issues that are either reinforced or weakened by our actions. Climate change, gender/sexual/racial/social/religious inequalities, world hunger and food distribution, wealth and misery, sex slavery, speciesism…. there’s so much to be aware of ! We have to be conscious and strong. To hopefully slow down, if not reverse, the process. If we continue living this way, millions of us will die in awful pain while some will continue living in an ever-changing environment that will no longer be able to sustain life as we know it. Our main wealths – air, water, soil and fossil energy – are being polluted, damaged and overused.

Strength can be both personal and communal. Within families, countries, associations, groups… it can be found, used, taught and reinforced. We’re always stronger when united. We all have power, which can then be multiplied when we move in a common direction. This has always been known. Though majority isn’t always right, it is (usually) stronger. I think the former point is worth mentioning. Minority or majority aren’t equal of righteousness, morality or ethics. 

I think it’s important to remember that all of us have strength. Therefore it’s our duty to use it to promote a more equal society, a more sustainable system, and a kinder humankind. It’s also our duty to never doubt our strength – it only reinforces the malicious and cruel system that’s currently in place.

When you doubt your power, you’re giving power to your doubts

(Supposedly, quote from Honoré de Balzac)

The world needs you.

Unique, free, resilient & strong living being. 

Let’s celebrate life and honor it !

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