The blog

I created Veggieandfree in January 2017. I’ve always loved blogging and writing ; I have had several diaries and blogs, but never thought about blogging more seriously. Until then !

You see, I realized that sharing my experiences could actually be helpful to others. Especially if you’re a solo female traveler, a vegan traveler or a twenty-something traveler. Because I fall under all these categories ! And it’s always easier to relate to stories when the protagonist is similar to you.

More than just telling travel stories, I want to help you go discover the world, no matter why you think you can’t travel. Because trust me, you definitely should ! Don’t let your fears or doubts let you think otherwise 😉

Traveling is one of the best way to learn. About other cultures, lifestyles, needs and habits. You’ll meet plenty of amazing people you wouldn’t have met in your hometown. You’ll taste delicious food, see gorgeous landscapes, learn a lot about history and art. Basically, you will experience everything more intensely, and probably feel alive like never before.


Behind the blog

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Last but not least …

Thank you for visiting the blog and interacting with me !